Architectural Glass

Glass is associated with modern architecture, a simplicity of form, transparency and lightness. Nowadays glass should meet energy efficiency, stunning and modern looks of buildings, in which light is very important. The variety of types and functions shows how a versatile material is glass.

Regardless any style of interior glass highlights its features by light, color and texture of the surface. Glass is one of the most fascinating materials, which more and more often is used in modern architecture. The product is safe and durable, giving great design and color opportunities. Customers appreciate glass for light transmission, optical clarity and easy processing.

To meet the expectations of designers, we offer architectural glass for interior and exterior applications. The unique attributes of glass make possible use it as construction and decorative material. A wide range of glass types and possibilities of use, allows this material to provide the uniqueness of each design. Therefore, choosing the right type of glass is such an important part at the beginning of any design process.

The most individual and bespoke solutions are provided with laminated glass. This type of glass with a wide range of innovative color solutions gives architects, designers and engineers unlimited possibilities. Colour layers of laminating films combined with glass may create very unique effects. The colour system of flim mixing gives us a possibility to produce more than 3000 combinations of transparent, translucent or opaque glass.

Advantages of architectural glass HTG:

• architectural glass creates a world of colors, patterns, textures and effects,
• structural integrity,
• diversity and versatility,
• decorative, transparent, easy to process,
• easy to install.
Safety and durability:
• strength, resilience,
• energy saving,
• high durability of colours,
• ecology.
Sound insulation:
• protection against noise and vibration,
UV control:
• control of solar energy,
• transparency and clarity giving maximum transmission.