About us

About us

HTG Poland was created by HTG High Technology Glass LTD in Switzerland, which was founded by professionals in the glass industry, with many years of experience gained in Poland, Great Britain, Russia and Switzerland. Experience in the glass industry and own innovative technologies made it possible to find investors and establish the company in 2012 with a capital over 3 million USD.

In 2013 the shareholders decided to start business in Bydgoszcz, Poland.  The shareholders' capital and UE subsidies allowed investing in machinery and equipment over 9 million PLN. The company started production in spring 2015. In the coming years we are going to invest about 5-10 million PLN in new production lines and other equipment.

Our mission is:

  •     to develop and implement new technologies e.g. glass production processes for architecture and transport,
  •     to take a high position in the European glass market and to achieve a high profits at the same time.

HTG implements own mission by development own technologies and cooperation with innovative companies and research institutions. The company made several patent applications and also company is preparing several new ones. Cooperating with international partners, we do research and develop using UE and our own funds. Budgets of our research projects are already exceeding 6 million PLN. Research programs are being done with companies from Switzerland, Australia, Germany, China, Taiwan and the USA, and scientists from the Poland, Russia and Germany.

The Company’s mission is carried out not only by modern technology and research, but also by modern methods of management and customer service. Our production management and sales services will benefit from one of the best programs of the new generation supplied by A+W. The program is letting us to manage and integrate all stages of our sales and production (sales, purchasing, inventory, production, shipment). Those stages are highly automated and integrated with a quality control system, based on glass quality scanners from SoftSolution.

Our pillars:   

  1.  new technologies,
  2.  innovative solutions,
  3.  modern system of production and quality control,
  4.  automated customer service system,
  5.  individual and partner attitude towards our customers,
  6.  international cooperation,
  7.  continuous development of new products.