About us

About us

HTG Polska was created by HTG High Technology Glass LTD in Switzerland, which was founded by professionals in the glass industry, with many years of experience gained in Poland, Great Britain, Russia and Switzerland. Experience in the glass industry and own innovative technologies made it possible to find investors and establish the company in 2012 with a capital over 3 million USD. In 2013 the shareholders decided to start business in Bydgoszcz, Poland.  The shareholders' capital and UE subsidies allowed investing in machinery and equipment over 10 million PLN. The company started production in spring 2015 and gradually began to invest in new technological lines and devices.

HTG Polska supplies many innovative solutions to the Polish and global market in the field of production: HTG Switch View private glass, HTG Thermo Glass heated glass and HTG Switch Mirror. Thanks to modern devices and the HTG Poland technology line, it is able to provide the highest standard of services offered.

The company holds patents with the nature of the invention "Glass panel with electrically conductive elements and the method of its production" and "Electrically heated glass panel and the method of its production.

In 2018 and 2019, the company, authorized by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, received a protection certificate for the trademark: HTG Polska and HTG Switch View.

Over the past two years, the Company has had the opportunity to promote its products at fairs in England, New York and Dubai. At the end of 2019, HTG Polska will present HTG Thermo Glass with additional, improved technology at trade fairs in Norway and France.


HTG Polska pillars:   

  •  new technologies,
  •  innovative solutions,
  •  modern system of production and quality control,
  •  automated customer service system,
  •  individual and partner attitude towards our customers,
  •  international cooperation,
  •  continuous development of new products.



  • Special Award of the Mayor of Bydgoszcz for the solution called "HTG Heated Switch Mirror Glass", Toruń 2018
  • Innovation Leader of Pomerania and Kuyavia in the "Small Enterprise" category, Toruń 2018
  • Polish Innovation Award in the category of Innovative Company, Poznań 2017
  • InnoMaRe Region Innovative Brand Certificate for the solution called "Self-cleaning glass production technology using a hydrophobic protective layer and exchangeable chemical bonds of this layer with the glass surface" in the category: Business, Toruń 2016
  • 3rd place in the Industrial Investment of the Year Competition, Warsaw 2015


Nomination 2019:

  • Nomination for the "Symbol 2019" award
  • Nomination for the "Polish Innovative Development Award 2019" in the "Innovative technologies of the future" category for the implementation of the project: "The implementation of an innovative technology for the production of heated glass panels by HTG Polska from Bydgoszcz"
  • Nomination for the title "Polish Innovation Award 2019" in the category: Innovative Technology, for the project entitled "High technology glass printing technology using 3D printers"