Fire Glass

Increased requirements in building regulations on fire protection require much better solutions to protect people and their properties. These requirements make architects use better fire protection systems to provide better fire protection to people. That's why fire-resistant glass is used in places where it is necessary to use solid, physical, fireproof partition against fire, heat, flames and toxic gases.

It is clear that each glass panel can solve some problems of building design combining a high level of safety against fire, glass transparency and an access to natural daylight that is typical for standard float glass. R&D of glass processes made possible to manufacture glass, not only protecting against fire, but also providing other features like: noise reduction, increased privacy and protection against damage or burglary.

Our products meet all standards and evaluation criteria. Meeting a growing customers' demand we offer single fire-proof glass panels providing maximum safety that are manufactured in a dedicated production process with precise controlled parameters.


Advantages of HTG fire glass:


• can be used in windows, doors, screens and a wide range of steel frames,

• suitable for internal, external and even horizontal applications,

• unlimited visibility.

Safety and durability:

• suitable for classified wooden, steel and aluminum frames.

• meets all applicable fire protection standards.


• reduce any spread of flames, smoke and hot gases,

• acts as fire-resistant glass even if glass breaks (laminated glass only).