is a technologically advanced solution for intelligent glass interesting because of its functionality and excellent arrangement possibilities. This solution allows to change the transparency of a glass panel from opaque/frosted to clear. This latest technology allows to control glass from a complete privacy stage to the full visibility in less than one second.

The privacy glass technology is based on a special film containing liquid crystals (the PDLC film). When power is off, the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented, it causes that light is reflected and does not go through the surface of glass giving it a non-transparent look. On the other hand, when power is on, the crystals are arranged in columns and rows to allow light to go through freely giving some transparency to a glass panel. The PDLC film is laminated between two panels of glass to form a panel of the privacy glass. The panel could be controlled in a way chosen by a client (switches, remote controls, mobile phones, computers).

Power on:

Power changes the orientation of liquid crystal molecules and let ligth go through a glass panel.

Power off:

The orientation of liquid crystal molecules and makes light transmission impossible or highly reduced.


Rooms and internal space may be designed with partition walls made of the privacy glass that is available in all sizes and shapes giving creative architects and designers a lot of interesting and innovative opportunities to create commercial spaces, private offices, shop windows and conference halls. The privacy glass can be used as a projection screen for presentations or movies and it gives us a perfect projection background with no need for a separate screen. With a wide range of applications and benefits of the privacy glass architects can implement the most challenging ideas. Our product is ideal to create glass walls, spatial structures and internal and external construction.


Applications (examples):

  • Offices - offices, conference rooms, partition walls in offices, managers office, doors, sliding doors, roof lights, projection screens,
  • House - modern living spaces, showers,
  • Hotels – partition walls between bedroom and bathroom, exterior windows, doors, conference centres, roof windows, bars and restaurants, showers, changing rooms, locker rooms, and many other commercial applications,
  • Stores and shopping centers
  • Public institutions - hospitals (emergency department, ICU, operating room, and all the places where there is a need to apply some privacy), kindergarden, fire doors, fairs and command centers,
  • Transport - privacy and security screens between the passenger and driver, side bulletproof glass panels.


Advantages of private glass HTG:

• functionality

transition from opaque to transparent in milliseconds,

• safety and durability

the use of laminated safety glass which could be also tempered (more than seven times stronger to mechanical impacts),

• Protection

privacy glass can be combined with bulletproof, safety and fireproof glass

• soundproofing

increased noise reduction due to the use of laminated glass,

• UV control, control of solar energy

exceptional optical quality with excellent light transmission, blocking over 99% of UV rays.